8 December 2009

There is something about Christmas

I’m not sure if it is the first scent of street roasted chestnuts,
Or the warm taste of a gingerbread latte (which if you haven’t done so already, get down to Starbucks and make the purchase, trust me it won’t disappoint)
Or that first Christmas song on the radio that you can’t help but turn up and sing along to,
Or those crisp clear sunny winter days.

But one or all these delights seems to transform those winter frowns into festive smiles and cheers. Everyone (well those not stressed with the overcrowded shops that is) seems to be upbeat and cheery despite the cold weather, dark evenings and general expense of Christmas.

Christmas is by far my favourite holiday. It’s not so much that I enjoy the food and the presents (well, I can’t lie, they do help) but I love the run up; the present buying, the tree decorating, the Christmas cards and all the other bits in between.

Hope you all feel marginally excited as me, I do admit the child inside me materialises at this time of year! Oh well, you’ve got to find things in life that make you smile! :-)


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