8 December 2009

There is something about Christmas

I’m not sure if it is the first scent of street roasted chestnuts,
Or the warm taste of a gingerbread latte (which if you haven’t done so already, get down to Starbucks and make the purchase, trust me it won’t disappoint)
Or that first Christmas song on the radio that you can’t help but turn up and sing along to,
Or those crisp clear sunny winter days.

But one or all these delights seems to transform those winter frowns into festive smiles and cheers. Everyone (well those not stressed with the overcrowded shops that is) seems to be upbeat and cheery despite the cold weather, dark evenings and general expense of Christmas.

Christmas is by far my favourite holiday. It’s not so much that I enjoy the food and the presents (well, I can’t lie, they do help) but I love the run up; the present buying, the tree decorating, the Christmas cards and all the other bits in between.

Hope you all feel marginally excited as me, I do admit the child inside me materialises at this time of year! Oh well, you’ve got to find things in life that make you smile! :-)


5 December 2009

Gavin and Stacey loves AQA/6336!

It was great to see AQA/63336 featured on the quality comedy series Gavin and Stacey. The latest episode featured a lengthy scene where several characters discussed the greatness of the text service AQA also known as 63336, i have to agree with them on that one! If you haven't done so already, i suggest you grab your mobiles and send the most obscure question you can think of to 63336, then sit back and wait for their reply.

9 April 2009

M&S teamed with Zandra Rhodes

My illusiveness over the last couple of months has been due to the ball and chain…my dissertation. However now that is handed in, I still find myself being drawn to news on Marks & Spencer which has its pluses.

It has now been confirmed that designer Zandra Rhodes will be pairing up with M&S to launch a new range of women swear, accessories, holiday wear and lingerie.
Zandra Rhodes said “Marks and Spencer do a wonderful product range and I have always wanted to design for them! I am thrilled to see my prints and their beautiful clothes reach a wide range of consumers.”
Key highlights from the range include jumpsuits in spiral and rose prints, a luminous snakeskin print cut out swimsuit, bikini and over sized tote, butterfly print scarves in red and black and cute oversize bow prints cami and bra sets.

Prices will start from £6 and will be in the stores and on the website from May 7th.

2 April 2009

Summers on its way....

Summer’s on its way and why should a recession stop us refreshing our wardrobe with a few summer numbers! I’ve a selected a few of my favourite new pieces on the high street.

Check Top UNIQLO - £19.99
Button Dress Oli - £40
Ruffle dress – Republic £19.99
Denim Playsuit – Warehouse £45
Sandals French Connection £25

How to dress like...Kelly Brook

So many of us love Kelly Brook’s simplistic dress sense, how would you feel about owning an identical dress for a fraction of the price?

Shoes: £80 TopShop Dress: Goddiva Fashion £24.99

26 February 2009

Confessions of a shopaholic or…my biography?

I have always been one to run to the shops in a lunch hour or in a moment of need, so going to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic seemed daunting, would I be watching a film which re-enacted my life? Luck for me it seems there are people worse in this world then myself when it comes to shopping, though it maybe fictional, I assume the book must be based on someone? So if you want to see an entertaining chick flick, or like me, want to find someone else who is as bad in the shopping department as yourselves, then I suggest you get yourself down to the cinema. The film is full of gorgeous clothes and is a cheap alternative to therapy.

18 February 2009

Jerry Hall faces Chanel

Jerry Hall has still got what it takes it seems, as she is set to be the new face for Chanel's spring/summer accessories collection. I’m hoping I'll be following in her footsteps when I’m her age…..a girl can dream cant she ;-) Here are a few sneaky shots!

8 February 2009

How to dress like....Cheryl Cole!!

Thought I’d make it that time again for a ‘How to Dress Like….’ post. So my choice this Sunday afternoon is Cheryl Cole. It seems this lovely northern lady has turned her life around from a lot of naughty to plenty of nice! With that gorgeous thick chocolate hair and her perfect complexion, she was bound to end up on the cover of Vogue sooner or later. What I love about Cheryl’s fashion is she has a casual and a smart, and she does both brilliantly. Here's a recent pic of her from the Vogue shoot (February edition) looking lush as always.

I decided to focus on Cheryl’s casual side. High waist skinny’s, teed with a pair of boots and a shirt, finished off with a pendent necklace and a small clutch.

Patent belt-Urban Outfitters (£14), High waist trousers-Topshop (£40), Boots-Office (£105), Necklace-Urban Outfitters (£12), Shirt-Miss Selfridge (£22), Handbag-Miss Selfridge (£15)

5 February 2009

Hot PINK pickup!

As it has been snowing for the past few days, I think we need something to brighten up the dull weather. So once again I have been hounding the high street for all things hot pink! As well as being one of my all time favourite colours, we all need a little something to stand out from the white blanket landscape. My favourite piece is definitely this pink fringed bag from Urban Outfitters.

Lush pink fringe bag - Urban Outfitters (£48.00), Feisty shoes - River Island (£58.71), Skirt - River Island (£29.35), Daring foil leggings - Topshop (£18.00), Cosy beanie - Topshop (£8.00), Cheap and cheerful Nail polish – BarryM (£2.95)

29 January 2009

Winter Wonderskin!

As winter in the UK has its tendencies to drag, I thought I would mention a few useful winter beauty tips which I have tried and tested myself.

This probably sounds like the most peculiar out of all the tips but works like a treat! A key part of our body that suffers in winter are our hands and arms, cover your forearm and hands, from fingertips to elbow in moisturiser. Apply heavily so you look like your wearing body paint, then (here it goes) wrap the whole area in cling film and leave for 20 mins. After this time remove the cling film and rub in any excess and ‘voila’…soft, moisturised skin.

2. When your in the shower after you’ve finished your shower routines, lock in some extra moister by moisturising whilst your skin is still wet, then rinse off, for silky smooth skin.

3. A lot of skin products and hairstyling products are high in alcohol. When alcohol evaporates it feels cool, but it’s stripping away moisture, so try to avoid products containing alcohol.